Writing For People who speak English


I want to share Japanese things, places, news, people, and so on. I can’t write a good essay so if you notice how I improve my blog, could you tell me? Also if you have any questions about Japanese things, you can ask me . Thank you!

My Biography

I’m a mother of two sons who are 19 years-old and 3 years-old. I have a husband and he has divorced once. The older son is his boy. My marriage has been 7 years and we’ve seen each other almost 10 years!

I started to learn English when I was 13 years old as almost Japanese do. Then I hated English because I can’t translate English into great Japanese. We don’t have the usage of “a” or plural form, so “I have an apple.” and “I have apples.” translate into same Japanese sentences. IT’S SO COMPLICATED!!!

However, people who speak English looked like cool for me. I decided to study English when I entered a university. What I did to be able to speak or listen English was learning pronunciation of English.

Japanese language has 5 patterns of vowel. If we listen English, our brain change the similar sound of Japanese vowel. We can’t listen what English speakers say.

Three month later, I could hear my professor said and if I didn’t know the meaning of what I heard, I could search it because of the rules of phonics. I had to do Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading then I can sort of telling my thoughts in English.

I want my English skills more so I will write blog!


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